The Importance of Date Night In Marriage

After the honeymoon stage, things can be a bit on the boring side. You and your spouse are probably over the ‘getting to know each other phase’ and now are sailing through a set schedule. So, your day-to-day lives can be pretty predictable. If you are in the West, you and your spouse most likely work and have busy lives.

Date night can bring you the excitement you felt when you first started dating  your spouse.

And if you have kids, it can even be harder to get some alone time with your spouse. Having kids can be demanding at times; especially considering your child’s age. The younger they are, the more dependent they are on you. Therefore, being wonderful parents will always come first.

Make your spouse a priority by spending as much quality time with them as you can. © Halima Jama

However, you and your spouse also need a little time for one another. That is why date night is so vital to a marriage. The reason being you two need time that you spend alone with yourselves. Spending quality time together alone – away from the kids, work and home – can be very beneficial for the both of you and your marriage. This alone time will allow the both of you to reconnect; sharing time together will also help you both grow closer to each other; just like when you two were dating, it can bring you the excitement you felt back then. The more shared memories you can store, the better!

I know some people who never go out because they can’t find a babysitter or their lives are just too busy. Date night doesn’t necessarily need to be spent outside. If you are able to spend time outside, that’s wonderful. Don’t be so compelled to go outside when you plan your dates. You can have date night at home! I know there are so many times when my hubby and I just don’t even want to go outside and we just stay in to watch a movie together.

Also, date night doesn’t necessarily have to be a “night” thing. If the both of you work, perhaps meeting up for lunch can be an option. You can also try and do fun things together during the day on weekends.

Here are 10 reasons why dating your spouse is important. © Pinterest

We all have busy lives; we all work, go to school or are busy staying home with our babies. This will make you feel so drained out at the end of the day. I’ve had conversations with some friends who say “girl, ain’t nobody got time for date night.” And this is what I say to them: there are obvious things which are very important such as working, making lots of money, going to school, etc. However, there is nothing more important than making your marriage and your spouse feel like they are your priority. At the end, marriage works if there are two people who work at it. There is this misconception that marriage just flourishes because two people who love each other want to spend the rest of their lives together. Listen, love will always be there, but there will be times where you ask yourself, “what am I doing with this person?” And surely, love will be the answer. But make it your duty to work on your marriage and spark the fire in each other’s love.

Make date night essential. Ink it in your calendar and make sure it happens; your goal should be spending quality time alone with one another regardless of how busy your lives get. Even if it is just one hour – that’s one hour that you two can talk, do something together.

As always, I leave  you with love.


Cover Photo: © Halima Jama

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