Love Is Blind: Season Two

I remember the first time I started watching this interesting, dating show that has a huge twist to it. It was during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and it quickly turned out that I would binge-watch the entire season after the first episode!

For those of you who have not watched the show yet, ‘Love Is Blind’ is a dating show where 15 men and 15 women go on dates inside connected pods. There is a wall between the pods and as a result, they can only talk to each other but they can not see one another.

Love Is Blind is a reality tv dating show where men and women go on dates inside connected pods.

The twist is that they go on dates with each other until they connect with someone on a deeper level and once they “fall in love” or make a true connection and get engaged. Yes, that’s right…they can only meet once they are engaged. From there, they go on a “honeymoon” to a beautiful, tropical destination and get to know each other more. During this getaway, they will also meet other castmates that got engaged.

Then after a few days, they meet each other’s families and friends. They get to go and see each other’s homes and actually see how their fiance is living. Some are too neat while others are just a hot mess LOL. Then, they basically live together until a couple of weeks later when they have to decide whether they want to say “I do” or “I cant stand your ass.” LOL, no I mean, “I do not!”

Here are some of the cast that Season 2 highlighted and followed their love story:

Love Is Blind. (L to R) Abhishek Chatterjee, Iyanna McNeely, Jarrette Jones, Deepti Vempati, Shayne Jansen, Natalie Lee in season 2 of Love Is Blind Cr. Aarón Ortega/Netflix © 2022

‘Love Is Blind: Season 2’ did not disappoint. The cast was a mixture of interesting individuals who were really looking to find love although some more genuine than others!

Iyanna & Jarrette after their engagement and meeting each other for the first time.

One of my favorite couples from this season was Iyanna & Jarrette! Iyanna knew from the start that Jarrette was the one for her and even told him that at one point on a date. Although there were a few hiccups along the way, they came out strong. They established a deep connection and became a beautiful couple, and I am really hoping that they are still together.

Iyanna reminded me of last season’s Lauren Speed. Does anyone agree? This woman just seems so calm and so well put together for someone who is still so young. I think the life experiences she’s had have definitely helped her shape into the woman she is. Jarrette better come with his A-game!

Natalie & Shayne on a date. Netflix @ 2022

Another couple that was featured in this season was Shayne & Natalie. They connected so well in the pods and once they got engaged, everything was beautiful. They were probably the stronger couple of the entire group during the honeymoon phase. I thought Shayne was a fun-loving and just super outgoing person while Natalie was a little reserved and a lot more mature. She had everything figured out while Shayne is just trying to live life his own way without conforming to societal pressures. At the altar, I was a little surprise that Natalie said no, but her reasoning made sense and was understandable. No one should go into a marriage feeling hurt and sad. I am rooting for them though. I hope they pull through and figure it out. Because I know for sure crazy Shaina probably has her eyes set on Shayne.

However, the one guy that was so disappointing to watch was Abhishek a.k.a Shake. Deepti and Shake both had similar backgrounds – both came to the country at a young age and both never dated their own kind and it looked like it could work out. But Shake did not give Deepti his full heart as he kept on questioning the physical attraction that he did not feel with her after they met. The guy was so fixated on the physical aspect up until the day of the wedding. I mean even in the pods, he was the only guy asking questions geared toward physical appearance.

Deepti choosing herself 🙂 Netflix @ 2022.

I didn’t like that he kept saying “oh she is everything I ever wanted in a woman…” So, if she is everything you want in a woman, why can’t you be with her? I guess this answers the question of the show because, for him, love was not blind. And I was so happy when Deepti didn’t say “I do.” I am gonna be honest, I thought she was just too into him and really wanted it to work that she would just dive in. But she really surprised me when she said, “I deserve somebody who knows for sure, so I’m choosing myself and I am going to say no.” When I tell you, I was cheering for her – I was literally cheering for her.

Other couples included Salvador & Mal, Nick & Danielle, and Shaina & Kyle. I was a little taken back by Salvador’s decision to not get married to Mal, but I felt he was sincere and genuine about why he said no. I am sure we are going to find out a lot from where everyone is at once the reunion comes out.

The reunion is tomorrow – March 5 and I can’t wait to find out who is still together and who decided to call it quits. This marriage thing ain’t easy and having it under a magnifying glass sure doesn’t help. We’ll have to see where things are at for everyone.

So in 2022, I want to be more flexible and explore writing about what I am currently watching. I hope you enjoyed this and if you are currently wathcing or have watched ‘Love Is Blind Season 2’, leave some of your thoughts below and let me know what you thought of this season. Did you have any favorites? What did you think about the cast’s final decisions at the altar? LMK!

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