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So, I’ll be starting a new series where I interview other Somali women and incorporate their thoughts and take on marriage. I hope that this series will be beneficial to someone, somewhere. I will try to feature one wife per month.

My sweet friend—the lovely and beautiful Habon Arreh of A Moment of Glam—recently celebrated her first year wedding anniversary with her husband, Bashir. You can read more about her first wedding anniversary and look at some really beautiful pictures from her wedding.

My favorite thing about being married is seeing my husband every day.

Habon Arreh

A while ago, one of my readers asked me to write a post on the first year of marriage and what it was like. Since Habon celebrated her first wedding anniversary just a few weeks ago, she was the perfect person to shine some insight on this topic. Habon is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Toronto. She writes about fashion, food, travel, decor, beauty and all things glittery.  She is my source of the latest trends especially when it comes to fashion and what is in. She is also a handbag aficionado, so ladies if you are looking for a designer purse and don’t really know which one to purchase, I suggest you visit her blog and look through her posts on purses.

So without any further delay, here is the interview:

Sahra Bashir: Give us a little background about you and your husband. How did you guys meet? When did you and your hubby get married?

Habon Arreh: My husband and I met a few years ago at a BBQ through a mutual friend. We got married last year, January 9th, in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Sahra: You and your husband just celebrated your first wedding anniversary! Congratulations, I hope you guys celebrate many, many more. What would you say is the toughest thing about the first year of being married?

Habon: Thank you so much and yes, In Sha Allah many, many more to come. Alhamdulilah, our first year was very easy for us, but I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that we knew each other’s personalities very well before marriage. Since our relationship was long distance (he lived in Toronto and I was in Atlanta) we spent many hours on the phone. During all those conversations, you learn a lot about each other’s personalities, so there were no surprises when we were married. Of course, you do learn new things in marriage, like who’s the morning person, which side of the bed you sleep on, and other random quirks. I believe if you’re respectful of one another it avoids a lot of unnecessary problems, therefore creating a healthy and happy marriage.

Sahra: After marriage, what was the hardest thing to adjust to?

Habon: The hardest thing to adjust to was just being away from my family. I moved up to Toronto after the wedding and had to learn to adjust to life in a new country and being so far away from them. I speak with my family every day and I was fortunate enough to travel back home multiple times throughout the year.

Habon and her bridesmaids. So beautiful.

Sahra: What is one thing you like about being married? Is there anything that you don’t like?

Habon: My favorite thing about being married is seeing my husband every day. He’s my best friend, so it’s great after work seeing one another and being able to share what happened during our day with one another. No, there’s nothing I don’t like about being married. I think if you are already disliking things about your marriage in the first year then that might be a sign that things are not well.

The best advice I would give someone who just got married is for you to be open minded. Find a genuine interest in what your partner is interested in.

Habon Arreh
Habon and Bashir on their wedding night, January 9, 2016. Mash’Allah!

Sahra: What is one advice you’d give to someone who just got married?

Habon: The best advice I would give someone who just got married is for you to be open minded. Find a genuine interest in what your partner is interested in. Maybe you’re not into sports, but your husband loves a team. Sit there and watch the game together and you can learn with him. This doesn’t mean you become a sports buff or anything, but it’s showing your partner that you care because he/she cares.

I think it’s important to have respect for one another. As time goes on you get a better understanding of each other’s likes or dislikes and you learn what buttons not to push, which will avoid a lot of unnecessary arguments going further.

Sahra: I know you’re busy with upcoming projects, being a fashion blogger, traveling and of course, a fabulous wife. How do you juggle between work, life and all the other great things you do?

Habon: I think as women we try hard to be the best at everything and beat ourselves up when we can’t perfect all these things. I think the best way to juggle is to know that everything might not always be perfect and that’s fine. It also helps tremendously when your partner is supportive.

Sahra: Any other final thoughts on surviving the first year of marriage?

Habon: I wouldn’t call it surviving because I think marriage is a wonderful journey, and of course, there will be ups and downs, but I think if you keep a positive mindset and are patient with one another, you’ll be able to get through whatever obstacles life throws at you.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Habon as much as I did. I admire her so much. Please make sure to stop and subscribe to A Moment of Glam, you’ll never be disappointed. You can follow Habon on her Instagram and make sure to ‘Like’ her Facebook page.

Thank you, Habon!

With that, I leave you with lots of love.


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