Getting My Groove Back

Hi. It is, me. Sahra. I am back.

Every now and then I think about this beautiful space and this creation of mine that I started in 2008/2009 and I think to myself.. why aren’t you spending time on here and doing what you love? And in those moments, I wonder who will read it or who will take time off their precious day to even glimpse over my thoughts.

Despite these ridiculous thoughts, something always draws me back to thinking about it and wondering how to get back into the groove of things without actually thinking about who comes here, who takes the time to read it or enjoy it or doesn’t. Who gives a … anyway? This is for me. I created for me to enjoy.

I enjoy this.

I enjoy writing freely in this space and being able to let my thoughts fly freely without holding them back.

I enjoy this.

I love doing this.

I love being able to sit here with my laptop and drinking my all-time favorite beverage – a nice cup of shaah with cardamom, cloves, and fresh ginger while my babies are sound asleep. It is refreshing. The tea is refreshing. Writing this and just thinking about all that I want to do this year is refreshing. It is all refreshing. And I welcome it.

In all honesty, sometimes I sound like a broken record in my own head. I say the same things to myself year in and year out and I know that it is only the fear in the back of my head that always stops me. I’ve come to realize how much power fear has over me.. over us! I guess because we all have our own fears, right? But there is nothing else to do but to try and break this fear. Try and try again. And I am trying this all over now… again.

InshAllah I am hoping that this time, I’ll stick around.

Major things happened in 2021. Major.

I left the job that I was at for the last seven years. And I moved to Africa with my family. Each major move carries its own weight so I’ll have to write separate posts for them. But 2021 was definitely a year for the books.

So often though, I look back to 2020 because it was a life-altering, smack in the face, wake-up call kind of year for me. It was the bedrock of those major moves happening in 2021. I remember I just had a baby end of January 2020 right before Aunt Corona came for a long visit. And staying at home with a newborn & two school-aged kids took a toll on me as it did with a lot of parents.

However, while some hated it, I somehow enjoyed the quarantine and spending time with my kids, and being home. It was sort of a blessing in disguise for me. It was memorable. It was the first time since my eldest was born that we were all home together all day every day (aside from weekends) and it gave me a different perspective as a mother. One that I didn’t know I needed, but Alhamdulilah, that I am thankful for.

Anyways, 2022 is here now. It has been nearly two years since the last time I posted on here to announce my Youtube Channel. By the way, I hope you can support me by subscribing to it! I figured for me to do certain things I want this year, I have to go back to the very first thing that I ever started and felt most passionate about.

My Baby –

I have so much in store for it inshAllah. I know that one day it will grow beyond my dreams and become something huge. At the moment, I am just planting its seeds and watering it so I can see it grow.

I am happy. I am excited. I am looking forward to being back. I am going to hold myself accountable and this post is the beginning of that.


Stay tuned.

With Love,


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