About Me

So dhawoow (welcome)!

Hello there!

Welcome to my blog. My name is Sahra. I currently live in Minneapolis, MN. I am married and I have a beautiful baby girl named Safa and an adorable son named Ghani. Being a mother is by far the best job in the world. More than anything in this world, I love being a mommy to my precious little ones alhamdulilah.

I am a Muslim, Somali-American woman. 

I love eating, dancing, photography, but most of all I love writing. Writing is my passion. I started this blog in 2009 and I wanted to create a little space of my own; a place I can express myself freely with whatever that comes to my mind.

I have a lot of random thoughts on broad issues. I have a lot to say about Somalia and being Somali. I enjoy writing about women in general and problems Somali women face in particular; I write about Somali social issues both here in America and back home. As a result, this blog is dedicated to ALL Somali people and non-Somalis who wish to know a little bit more about what it is like being Somali. Lately, I have been focusing on writing about marriage and some of my recent posts are on marriage and relationships.

I choose to call my blog IskuFilan because my father named me “iskufilan” at just 9 months. IskuFilan means self-sufficient or independent in Somali. He gave me this name after finding out that my two elder siblings were sneaking into my crib and drinking my caano (milk). He caught them one day and told my mom what he saw and from that day on, I was his IskuFilan. And so, IskuFilan has become my pen name.

With that being said, pull a chair. Have a seat. Get your favorite cup of shaax or coffee and spend some time with my thoughts.. 😉

Thanks for visiting my blog.