5 Things Couples Should do Together during Ramadan

Ramadan Kareem dear readers! I hope you all are doing great. It has been a while since I wrote a post. Alhamdulilah, all is well and since it’s Ramadan, I thought I would post and share with you some advice for this blessed month…

Here are 5 things couples can do together during Ramadan…

1. Connect with one another spiritually

Since we are in the most blessed month, try and connect with one another on a spiritual level. You can pray together, break your fast together, make dua together, go to the Masjid together, watch some lectures on YouTube together, eat suhur together, etc. There is so much you can do that will draw you both closer to one another and to Allah (SWT). At the same time, there is so much reward for the both of you.

2. Help each other more

Ladies if you are like me, once you come home from work, you go straight into the kitchen and start preparing afur (iftar). Luckily, for those of us in the West, we have enough time to cook food for afur. You also, somehow, multitask and feed your kids (if you are a mother) and do everything else all at once. Husbands, this is the perfect time to offer your wife a hand and help her out! There are small things you can do to assist her during this time. If you guys have kids, perhaps watching them and feeding them is all she may need from you. If you can give her a hand in the kitchen, it would also help too. Whether your wife is a working woman or not, she still needs your help. Remember that she is fasting too!

3. Be charitable

Ramadan is the best time to show gratitude and give to those who are in need. We all know that Ramadan is the time for giving to charity so sit down with your spouse and have a serious discussion about how your family can participate in charity. Whatever you decide to do, whether you donate to your local Masjid or you send money to relatives back home, it’s a wonderful way to remember the importance of charity. Another way you can be charitable is by being a good spouse to your partner. Smile. Be kind. Show kindness to them. Say good things to each other. Most importantly, avoid fighting with each other during Ramadan.

4. Learn more about Islam together

Ramadan is the best time to also reflect on our religion and be closer to Allah. After all, it was during Ramadan when the Quran was revealed. It is a time to repent and try to take advantage of all the benefits Ramadan brings. You and your spouse can challenge each other by reading the Quran. If one person lacks the motivation, the other should try to encourage and support them. One of the best ways to challenge one another is to test your knowledge. My husband is very knowledgeable in Islam so I find that I benefit from him a lot; ask each other questions and learn from one another. If you are like me,  you have some credible YouTube channels you watch. YouTube is a great way to learn more about the Deen. There are so many channels and during Ramadan, I personally love watching Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan or Sheikh Umal lectures. I am amazed at how much of a miracle the Quran is. It is an amazing experience to learn the depth of Quran and grow your knowledge together. SubhanAllah.

5. Prepare for Eid

As a young child, I remember always looking forward to Eid because I knew I’d get new clothes and lots of money from my family. In retrospect, it was honestly one of the main reasons I loved celebrating Ramadan. As I got older, obviously Eid becomes more sacred and found new ways to celebrate it. So, just because you are grown and married doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Eid too. Don’t forget to treat each other and shower each other with gifts. A friend of mine and her husband always celebrate Eid by buying each other gifts to show appreciation and to observe the blessed holiday. It is truly something that I have wanted to do for a long time and Insha’Allah will do this year with my husband. So, prepare yourselves to celebrate Eid with each other and try something new!

Whether it’s Ramadan or not, always strive to do your best in connecting with Allah with your spouse. Honestly one of my biggest goals as a Muslim is to draw myself nearer to Allah. In doing so, I know that my marriage will also become blissful and harmonious.

I hope that Allah can forgive us all and grant us His mercy and accept our fast and our prayers. I hope that Allah accepts our fasting and all of our duas. I pray that Allah SWT makes this Ramadan easy for us and shower us with peace, joy, prosperity and a month full of blessings.

Wherever you are observing Ramadan, I want to wish you and your family, a happy Ramadan. I hope you enjoyed this post!

Is there something you do with your spouse during Ramadan that you can share?

Let me know and leave a comment below.

With love,

Sahra ❤️

16 thoughts on “5 Things Couples Should do Together during Ramadan”

  1. I love the post. Keep theme coming. I am not married, but still enjoy and benefit. Could you do a post on “what i wish i knew before marriage” for readers that are planing to get married? ???

    1. Thank you, Ibrahim. InshAllah I will continue to post more. I am glad that you enjoyed my post! And I will definitely write a post about your suggestion …..thank you for the feedback. ??

  2. Very usefull advices specialy for me who got marry few months. Thks a lot Zahra!

    1. MashAllah mabruuk on getting married, Osman. May Allah bless your union and protect it always. Thank you walaalo.

      1. Amiin for your du’a walal. I wish you so much Khair for you too.

  3. masha Allah and jazakallah insha Allah, i am not married but i found your post amazed, if you get more time insha Allah we would love more posts from you. again jazakallah.

    1. Thank you, Yusuf! I am really glad you liked it. I hope Allah blesses you with a pious woman InshAllah. And I will continue to write walaalo. Thanks for visiting and I hope you visit more for future posts.

  4. Ramadan kareem as well. Absolutely love your writing and advice! I’m not married but I love the idea of buying gifts for each other for Eid preparation:) I hope to do that one day inshallah. Thank you again.

    1. Thank you, Khalid. Yeah, it’s actually pretty great idea and it is a good way to keep the fire burning lol. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Ramadan Kareem to you too.Great post MashaAllah,I don’t normally leave comments but I had to?. Personally not married but I found it useful. Looking forward to read the suggested post “what I wish I knew before marriage”.
    Brief and awesome post.Great Job.

    1. Well, I sincerely appreciate your comment. Thank you for taking the time out to comment ❤️❤️ thanks for the post recommendation/request. I will definitely write something on it!

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